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I am posting all the crap I have about the FSU Garage / FUK House. I tried to start a Wikipedia article about it, then everyone else can add whatever crap they have about it. So, until that gets approved, and people can add at their own free will you can email me anything I dont have photos/flyers/videos/error corrections/parental or city disgust at diediediemydarling at hotmail dot com.


The FSU (F@ck Sh*t Up) Garage was a small garage next to a house at 109 N. Ellen St (off of 1st Street) in Cedar Falls, IA which hosted punk, hardcore, and indie rock shows from 2002-2006. The house itself was known as the FUK House (For Us Kids) and also hosted a show in the basement. It was founded in 2001 by Josh Otten and Jeff Eaton, who had both come to Cedar Falls from Marshalltown to attend UNI and wanted to host DIY punk/hardcore shows in a non-commercial venue. They did not set out to make money on the venue, but instead, just wanted a place of their own to hang out, have fun, and listen to great music. After initially renting the house with a few other musicians and music fans, they set to work on soundproofing the walls of the garage. In dumpsters at UNI and the mattress factory they found enough mattresses, cushions, pads, and pillows to line the walls of the garage in a thick layer of padding. This also served as padding during concerts, when crowds inside the garage would dance, bouncing off the walls and one another. The landlord, local police, and neighbors did not seem to mind the venue during the first few years of operation, but slowly baseless rumors began to circulate in the community that the house was associated with Satanism and underage drinking. Eventually, these concerns, and the response to them by local authorities, caused the venue to close down. The mattresses were removed from the garage and it was torn down in 2006.  (written by Matthew Wilson, the secret history of the cedar valley dude.)

Show List

04/29/06 - Formaldehyde Junkies, Cardiac Arrest
04/14/06 - Beat Strings, the Old Scratch Revival Singer (show busted by cops)
02/21/06 - Buried Inside, Adriatica
01/25/06 - the Great Redneck Hope, the Heartless
01/24/06 - Thumbscrew, Win the Fight, Spirit of the Stairway
01/14/06 - Win the Fight, Black Sun Rising, For Today
01/10/06 - Pink Razors, By Way of Stereo
12/20/05 - East Side Guys, Orcaporpoise
12/10/05 - In the Face of War, Spirit of the Stairway, Win the Fight
12/01/05 - Dead Hearts, Win the Fight
11/23/05 - Renee Heartfelt, Spirit of the Stairway, Giants, Black Sun Rising
10/30/05 - Lords, Holy Smokes
10/28/05 - Beat Strings, Imaginary Enemies, Turd Burglars
09/16/05 - Ed Gein, Law of All Ends, Turd Burglars
09/04/05 - Lords, Beat Strings, On Our Way
08/27/05 - Puffy Taco Dance Party
08/05/05 - this Charming Man, Imaginary Enemies, the Adam Boelts Experience
07/28/05 - Coliseum, Buried Inside, Towers, Tanks, D'amore
07/21/05 - Bones Brigade, Win the Fight
07/16/05 - Carpenter Ant, Save a Bum Foundation
06/30/05 - Social Classics, Anal Secretion
06/04/05 - Sayanora, Get a Life
05/11/05 - Breather Resist, Safie (last show), Golden Autumn Strangler
05/06/05 - Annihilation Time, Modern Life is War, the Old Scratch Revival Singers, Formaldehyde Junkies
04/22/05 - Puffy Taco, East Side Guys
04/05/05 - T Griffen Coraline, 12 Cannons, Escape the Floodwater
03/28/05 - Lords, Holy Smokes, Intervention
01/23/05 - Beat Strings, the Imaginary, Enemies, the Shape
01/19/05 - Forward to Death, Trendy Bastards
11/15/04 - Breather Resist, Ed Gein, Law of All Ends
10/29/04 - the Old Scratch Revival Singers,Beat Strings, Imaginary Enemies
10/19/04 - Coliseum, Hot Cross, Hugs
10/17/04 - Lords, Kill the Last Hour, NIAN
09/24/04 - Call Me Lightning, William Elliot Whitmore, FT Shadow Government, Dimes for Serpico
09/07/04 - Evasion, Dangerous Media Book Tour
08/25/04 - Dragnet, Never Enough
08/11/04 - Soophie Nun Squad
08/09/04 - Bad Business, My Revenge, The Charade is Over, Sayonora
08/02/04 - Step On It, Scraps & Heart Attacks, Life Long Tragedy, These Days, Gnarled
07/19/04 - Black Cross, Lords, Modern Life is War, Safie
07/11/04 - Amanda Woodward, Hugs
06/30/04 - Blame Game, Halfway Situations, Tongues
06/27/04 - Kaos Pilot, Van Johnson, Hugs, Skullfucker
06/21/04 - the Spark, Farewell Hope, Tongues, the David Helmer Experience
06/10/04 - Breather Resist, Coliseum, Kodan Armada, Hugs, Where You Sleepin'
06/01/04 - Forensics, the Holy Mountain, Archer & the Vine, Infandous
05/23/04 - the Old Scratch Revival Singers, the Adam Boelts Experience
05/18/04 - Hugs, Movement Three, Mach Tiver, Shadows and Silence, Yuriko
05/16/04 - No Time Left, Get it Away, the Clark Kents
05/03/04 - Rivethead, Off with Their Heads, Gnarled
04/22/04 - the Old Scratch Revival Singers, USAisaMonster, Corndawg, Koonda Hola & the Beetchees
04/17/04 - The Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower, Phoenix Bodies, The Dream is Dead, Hugs, Ricky Fitts
04/14/04 - Never Enough, NIAN, The Days After
04/10/04 - Cat on Form, The Organ, Safie
03/12/04 - Modern Life is War, Forward to Death, Get it Away, Hugs
01/12/04 - Comeback Kid, Take Back Life, Safie, Silent Revolver
12/19/03 - The Soviettes, All Rattle and Dust, Happy Sunshine 5
12/12/03 - Plan of Attack, Midnight Fist Fuck, Hollis
11/24/03 - Bad Business, Take Back Life, Safie
11/23/03 - 1956, Knifeswitch, The New Loud, Passage of Deformed Man Supermarket
11/13/03 - Wives, Hale Zuckas, Hugs
11/02/03 - Parts and Labor, Tyondai Braxton, Passage of Deformed Man Supermarket
10/11/03 - Hollis, Happy Sunshine 5, Safie
10/10/03 - Hugs, Takaru
09/22/03 - In Control
09/15/03 - Breather Resist, The Days After, Battle Behind Us
09/10/03 - Fight Like Sinatra, Safie
09/08/03 - Annihilation Time
08/29/03 - USS Horsewhip, Lunamoth
08/18/03 - Ben Driscol, Resign to Fate
08/08/03 - Circle Takes the Square, Mannequin, Hugs, Dead Like Dallas
08/05/03 - Too Pure to Die, Wings of Scarlet, With Dead Hands Rising, Stab Corp.
08/04/03 - KEN Mode, Man Alive!, Bailer, The Days After
07/27/03 - The Disaster, Searching For Chin
07/20/03 - Modern Life is War, Cut the Shit, the Rites, C.H.U.D.
07/17/03 - Fed By Fiction, The Great Red Neck Hope, Hugs
07/13/03 - Nodes of Ranvier, Begin Again
07/07/03 - The Aftermath, Never Enough, Crime $pree
07/06/03 - Transistor Transistor, Light the Fuse & Run, Karen, Hugs
07/02/03 - Black Cross, Downpour, The Blah
06/30/03 - Kamikaze, Breakdance, Lunamoth
06/27/03 - A Life Once Lost
06/25/03 - Crucial Unit
06/24/03 - Sergio Leone, Ricky Fitts, Volara
06/22/03 - The Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower, 1956, Hugs, Dale Hanson
06/13/03 - Dead Letter Auction, Hugs, Exit Drills
06/11/03 - She Notes The Chariots, Begin Again, Sine Nomine, Phasma Phasmatis
06/04/03 - Caught in the Fall, Robots Don't Cry, Eyes of Verotika, Hugs
05/30/03 - The Heart Attacks, The Shape, The Conversation
05/21/03 - Soophie Nun Squad, Skabortionists
05/05/03 - Swing By Seven, A Soldier's Home
05/02/03 - Pikadori, Hugs, Last Night in Town
04/25/03 - Blood In Blood Out, Bled For Days, King of Clubs
04/03/03 - In Control, The Heart Attacks, Road to Ruin
03/21/03 - Textbook Traitors, Fed By Fiction, Law of All Ends, Hugs
03/20/03 - Sergio Leone, Ricky Fitts, Grandmas Jam, Hugs
02/28/03 - Damage Deposit, Modern Life is War, Hugs, The Night Sweats
12/19/02 - Brother, In The Face Of War
12/13/02 - Sergio Leone, Atone At Tone, Hugs, Joe Cropper Band
11/09/02 - Holding On, Modern Life Is War, You Just Drive This Thing Kid
10/06/02 - 1956, Faultlines, Sender/Receiver
09/30/02 - No Time Left, Showering Ashes, Ill Fated
08/16/02 - End This Day, As The Ruin Falls
07/09/02 - Curl Up and Die, Boywunder, Figure Four
07/08/02 - Dragnet, Modern Life Is War, Miles Ahead
07/03/02 - The 1905, Sender/Receiver, Halfway Situation
??/??/?? - Heart Attacks, Skabortionists, Ill Fated (show busted by cops)
??/??/?? - My Revenge, Fight Back
??/??/?? - Dead To Fall, Bury Your Dead, Modern Life Is War


You can download all of these flyers yourself from a zip file from Mediafire and scroll through them with you favorite picture viewer.


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